December 2015 – Brian Robinson Sworn in as Newest College School District Boardmember

Brian Robinson was sworn in as the newest board of trustees to the College School District in Santa Ynez, California. Mr. Robinsonjoins the board for a four year term. He and his wife’s two children attend Santa Ynez Elementary. He additionally serves as the Secretary of the PTA and sits on the board of the Santa Barbara County Education Office’s Partner’s in Education non-profit.

Brian brings a wealth of experience with him as a the past president of the Harding University Partnership School Foundation, a past boardmember of the Santa Barbara Education Foundation, and a member of the Santa Barbara Unified School District’s Parent Advisory Committee.

College Elementary School District, located in northern Santa Barbara County, is one of the oldest school districts in California. It was initially formed in 1844 as the Santa Ynez Mission’s seminary. Classes have been held at the College campus since the late 1800s. Construction began at the Santa Ynez campus in 1964 and the gymnasium was completed in 1971.